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With the warmer weather coming our way and SUNSHINE, we are all looking for our shades. Sunglasses are by far the most exciting things in the spectacle world…they can be fun, they can be classy, they can be absolutely CRAZY.

We all know that sunglasses are the sunscreen for your eyes. They protect those beautiful eyes from damaging the cornea, lids, lens and retina. What a powerful health tool that is also fashionable. Plus, it allows us to see better in those bright conditions and cuts down the glare that comes off of different surfaces.

Why the Right Pair of Sunglasses is Important

Now, would it surprise you that different colour tints in the lenses can change your performance? For those of you that have had syntonics probing done at my office, you are well aware how much a blue vs a yellow tint can change your perception of space. Many of you may notice that the majority of your sunglasses are all either grey/blue or brown/yellow tones. We tend to migrate towards tints that bring us into balance. How cool is that?

Have you ever put on a set of sunglasses and instantly experienced blissful comfort? Or instant pain and aching? Most think it’s the frame that needs adjusting for the uncomfortable situation, however, it is often the tint that creates a disconnect internally within you and the external environment. I have a set of those sunglasses…I love the look of them and I persevere because they look so cool (come on ladies, we all do it with our high heels) but eventually I need to remove them and put on those blissful comfort ones.

When we put our sunglasses on top of our head or hang them from our shirt in front of our chest, that tint still has an effect. Whaaaat? Yes, there are non visual sensors all throughout your body that respond to the light, and particularly refracted light that comes off of glasses. These sensors are generally connected to your Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal axis (HPA). The HPA is responsible for your neuroendocrine system and is responsible for managing your stress, digestion, and immune system.

So, good quality sunglasses can affect a LOT more than you thought. When you choose those sunglasses that feel great and look great, they actually affect your mood, your health, and your immune system.

Make sure you check out our sunglass selection at your next visit to the office!!


Written by Dr. Patricia Fink

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