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Let’s Talk Contacts

For me, contact lenses spell FREEDOM. Free from a frame’s pressure on my nose and temples, free from any distortions in my peripheral vision, and freedom from any minification or magnification effect that comes along with the optics of a spectacle lens. A well fitted and comfortable lens is an ahhhhh moment for many of […]

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Let there be light!

With the warmer weather coming our way and SUNSHINE, we are all looking for our shades. Sunglasses are by far the most exciting things in the spectacle world…they can be fun, they can be classy, they can be absolutely CRAZY. We all know that sunglasses are the sunscreen for your eyes. They protect those beautiful […]

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How to Travel With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing prescription glasses, and that’s especially true when traveling. Nothing beats the convenience of contacts, especially while doing activities where wearing glasses would be impractical or uncomfortable.  While some people opt for daily disposable lenses while traveling, many others continue to wear the standard contacts they wear day […]

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