What is new in contact lenses?

Q.  My daughter desperately wants to wear contact lenses but I am concerned about the health aspects of wearing contacts…could you tell me more about what is new in contact lenses and what sort of options there are?

A.   Contact lens overwear and abuse is quite common and bad habits that start young can cause serious ocular health problems down the road.  So you are absolutely correct in being concerned.  On the other hand, contact lens materials have improved dramatically…silicone hydrogel lens materials allow much more oxygen transmission to the cornea which in turn allows for more comfortable wear and longer wearing times.  Disposable contact lenses, either monthly or daily, are the best option.  Again, these allow for better oxygen transmission and discarding the contact lenses according to the proper wearing schedule keeps the wearer ahead of the protein deposits that form on the contacts (protein deposits occur as a natural process the body undergoes to make the foreign substance look like its own self…unfortunately these break down the lens material and are difficult to see through when located centrally).

Be aware that poor air quality can reduce the wearing schedule…for example a smoky/dry environment or ocular allergies can reduce the amount of time a contact lens can be worn.  Good cleaning with the recommended solution, wearing schedules as well as lubricating drops allow for maximum use out of contact lenses.

Contact lenses need to be fit properly so discuss these options with your eye care professional…contact lenses are great when used and worn properly.



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