Multi-Focal Contact Lenses: Seeing clearly at all distances

A very common statement made by my patients over the age of 40 is "My eyes are fine but my arms are too short!" Suddenly its nearly impossible to read the newspaper unless you stretch your arms way out in front of you to focus. This natural, age-related change is inevitable, happening to every individual over the age of 40. It is termed presbyopia – the loss of elasticity to the eye's lens which is responsible for focusing on near objects.

Since it is associated with aging, presbyopia is often met with groans and an expectation that reading glasses or bifocals are on the way. However, with the recent development of multi-focal contact lenses, individuals now have the freedom to be glasses-free while still being able to focus comfortably on distant, intermediate and near objects.

There are different multi-focal lens designs available and based on an individual's lifestyle and daily visual requirements, the appropriate design will be chosen. Some contact lenses have a "bifocal design" with two distinct lens powers (distance and near) while others have a "multifocal design" similar to progressive eyeglass lenses, with a gradual, natural transition from distance to near. Your optometrist will analyze the curvature of your eye, your prescription and the health of your eyes to determine which lens will work for you.


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