Is it true that nutrition is beneficial for eye health?

Q. Is it true that nutrition is beneficial for eye health especially in cases of macular degeneration?

Yes, nutrition plays an important role with retinal health and with macular degeneration (AMD) being the leading cause of blindness, it is something we can all benefit from.  If one parent has AMD, you have a 45% chance of getting it.  Research indicates that exercise, nutrition, and cessation of smoking are the best ways of preventing AMD to occur.  Anti-oxidant vitamins (vit A, C, E) with lutein have been studied and are in over-the-counter remedies such as Vitalux and Ocuvite.  It has also been recommended that fish oil (or eating fish such as sardines, chunk tuna, salmon 3X/week…or flax for vegetarians) along with spinach are highly beneficial to maintain the proper macular pigments.

Annual eye health examinations with your eye care practitioner will indicate whether there are any drusen in the macular region, which is one of the earliest signs of AMD.


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