Is it important to have an eye exam before starting school this year?

Q: My child is not complaining of any eye problems or blurry vision; is it still important to have an eye exam before starting school this year?

A: Yes, it is still important for your child to have his/her annual eye exam before starting school this year. Children rarely complain about blurry vision, as many believe we all see the world as they do. So with September quickly approaching, parents should ensure their children are ready for another school year. To prepare your children for success, part of their annual routine should include a visit to your optometrist. Children's vision care is essential to their development. Experts say that over 80% of learning is done through the eyes, so making sure your child has good vision can make a difference in their academic performance. Children with poor vision often find it difficult to focus on their work and may be misdiagnosed as having a learning disability. According to the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO), one in six children has a vision problem significant enough to impair their ability to learn. Some schools offer vision-screening programs, however these should never replace a child's annual comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist since up to 43% of children with vision problems may still be able to pass a basic vision screening.

Our office has teamed up with the OAO to become a part of the Eye See Eye Learn program whose goal is to raise awareness among parents of the importance of having their child's eyes tested before starting school. Children entering kindergarten are eligible to participate in this program and those who are found to require a pair of glasses will receive them free of charge.

Ensure your child has a clear view of the front of the class this year by visiting your optometrist before school begins.

Dr. Pozzer would like to remind parents that children under age 20 are covered by OHIP for all of their eye-care appointments!


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