How can I maximize my visual function in the workplace?

A:  Help preserve your vision by planning a regular visit to the optometrist for a complete eye examination. Just as a doctor assesses your overall health, the optometrist will assess your eye health and can detect changes in your eyes that you might not have realized.

In the Office

Minimizing eyestrain will increase your comfort and productivity levels and help to reduce ailments, such as headaches, that may keep you from working. Learn more about computer vision syndrome.

Industrial Work

The human eye is one of the most intricate organs of the body. It has come equipped with some basic anatomical and protective mechanisms, which help protect it every day, such as eyelids and eyelashes. But the rigors of industrial and construction work are more than what the regular eye defences can handle. It is critical that workers protect their eyes to avoid a severe eye injury including blindness.

When you are putting on your hardhat, work gloves and safety boots, remember to slip on proper protective eyewear that is CSA approved.

To help prevent eye related injuries assess the following at your worksite:

Distance of Work

  • Is it close to you, arm's length away, fixed or changing?
  • Work area size; is it large or small, restrictive, open area?
  • Speed & motion of objects; are they rapid, slow, fixed, rotating?
  • Lighting; is the area well lit, contrasts, is there glare?
  • Surface of work; is it secure, unstable, slippery, coated or ergonomic?
  • Potential eye hazards; is there debris, dust, metal, lasers?

Assess yourself

  • Clean your visors and protective goggles
  • Avoid scratching your protective eyewear - scratches create strain on the eyes and might make it difficult to see your work properly
  • Report any unsafe conditions or broken eyewear to your Health and Safety team

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