Computer Vision Syndrome: A Highly Common but Preventable Condition

Do you use the computer for several hours each day and frequently experience periods of eye strain, fatigue, headaches and dry, irritated eyes? You are not alone! When these symptoms are associated with extended, uninterrupted periods of computer use, they are often diagnosed as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) – a condition estimated to be 40 times more common than carpal tunnel syndrome.

The dry, irritated, blood-shot eyes often associated with CVS are caused primarily by a decreased blinking reflex. Instead of the normal 15-20 blinks per minute, starring at a computer screen can reduce this to as low as 6–8 blinks per minute. Instilling lubricating eye drops will help keep eyes moisturized and comfortable while working on the computer.

The eye strain and headaches caused by extensive computer use are related to the stress put on the eye's focusing mechanism – the lens. When a sustained near-vision task is performed, the muscles attached to the lens are in constant contraction; similar to working any other muscle for hours at a time, symptoms of fatigue and pain are often induced. Investing in a pair of prescription computer glasses can alleviate these symptoms by putting the optimum lens power for viewing your computer screen at the centre of the lens for a clear, wide field of view without the need for excessive focusing. The lenses can also be designed with a slightly stronger prescription at the bottom at the lens so changing focus from a computer screen to paper work is effortless. Also, to further increase your viewing comfort, computer glasses should always include an anti-reflective coating which will eliminate reflections of light from the computer screen and reduce eye strain.

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