Changing Optometrists

Q: I am going to a new optometrist (recently moved to the area) and wonder what I can do to help make this transition easier?  Should I get my old files transferred?

A: Transferring copies of your old files prior to your appointment would be helpful.  This should include orders for glasses and contact lenses as measurements and powers and type of lenses help to see what has worked for you and what you have adapted to. 

Bring your old glasses, current glasses, contact lenses and medication list along.  Also bring your insurance information and/or forms so that these can be completed for you whether they are for the examination or for a product order.  Also contact your insurance company prior to your visit so you know the exact dates as to when you have coverage…the insurance dates do not necessarily coincide with your examination dates and due to privacy legislation this information is not available to the eye doctor…you need to know the last processed order date and when you are eligible for coverage.

Also any information on glasses or contact lenses that did not work for you in the past (such as problems adjusting to changes in astigmatism) are helpful to note…technological improvements in lenses and materials are fantastic but your new eye doctor would not want to repeat past problems if they can be avoided.

For OHIP insured examinations (children 19 years of age and under and adults 65 years of age and above) please make sure you have your valid health card number.  Check to make sure it has not expired (the new health cards have expiration dates on the bottom right).  It is very helpful for the optometric practice to have your health card information prior to the appointment as it needs to be verified.  OHIP insures eye examinations for the above age categories one year plus one day…again, if this is not accurate then the appointment time is wasted (usually rebooking to the appropriate date) or you end up paying for the examination.  Again, it is best to provide the health card information while you are booking the appointment so the office can make all the necessary checks on your behalf.

Otherwise, get a good night’s sleep before your appointment so you can easily differentiate “which one is better…lens one or lens two?”


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