What does the Eye See Eye Learn Program do?

The Eye See Eye Learn Program is a program for all Junior Kindergarten (JK) kids to get their eyes properly examined by a certified doctor of optometry. Currently there are approximately 6,000 JK children in Halton eligible for these examinations. To date, 4% of these children have had an eye exam and 78% of these it was a first time visit to an optometrist. This is quite a surprise as we recommend that all children have their first eye exam at 6 month of age (first developmental change in eye movement pattern occurs at this age).

October is Eye Health Month and vision and learning are closely connected. "Adequate vision can make or break a child's school year" – Let's make sure all parents of JK children are aware of this. Even with great vision, an annual, thorough health evaluation is prudent for all parents to have for their kids. Your doctor of optometry will also provide you with guidelines and exercises that will continue to help them develop good fine motor eye movement skills for reading at higher speeds and for efficient copying from smart boards and other devices.

Dr. Patricia Fink


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